My first fondant cake!

I decided to take fondant and gumpaste and skip Course 3. I do not like the idea of making a tiered cake for the reason of WAY too much cake, but I plan on teaching myself the fundamentals of course 3 through the books, which are sold at Hobby Lobby. Here is my first cake, which I made for the second class. It’s LSU colors hehehe :) I’m definitely ready for football season. I’m gonna challenge myself to make a gumpaste tiger come football season. Geaux Tigers!


  1. Great job! I love working with fondant because it’s so forgiving!

  2. madebymel says:

    Looks great! The purple is so vibrant!

  3. You did a great job! Cant wait to see the tiger.

  4. Carrie (MrsMike0527) says:

    This looks so good – I love it! Great work :)

  5. Bridget says:

    The cake looks great! My sister, LSU grad, would love this!!! :)

  6. My Sweet & Saucy says:

    Great job on your first fondant cake…looks like you know what you are doing already!

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