Check out my rack ;)

Seriously…I love spices. Their smells, colors and most importantly, taste. I recently went on a Penzey’s spree with my friend in Dallas. What a fun store! I bought some Christmas gifts there too…I want to go back again!

Anyways, I came home with so much stuff, I filled up the spice cabinet. However, I couldn’t figure out a pretty way to organize it all. However, thanks to a trip to Wally World, I found the best invention ever to solve my problem!! And it was only $4 to boot! Gotta love Wal-Mart! (sometimes..)

Check this out! There is no before…I was too excited to organize it.

It’s the metal rack on the second shelf to the left. It elevates row after row of spices so you can see what’s where. Here’s a better zoom-in.

Sorry about the flash. I couldn’t get good light in there to see it all. I have my vanilla beans stuffed underneath the rack, and check out the homemade extract (in the Smirnoff looking bottle). It’s almost ready for holiday baking!!


  1. Looks great! I need something like that to elevate my spices. Mine are pretty organized but I can’t see the ones in the back. Great find!

  2. haha, love the blog title. I just have to say that you have a great rack! =P

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