Elephant Cookies!

My fiance’s nephew just turned 3 years old, and for his birthday, I volunteered to make cookie favors. His favorite animal (of the moment) is an elephant, so I went on the search for an elephant cookie cutter. I found a great set called “Noah’s Ark” at Macy’s that had an elephant. Then, I used the standard Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix (remember I’m still on the search for that PERFECT cookie recipe, so in the meantime, I use my trusty mix) and went to town!

This is the first time I worked with flood icing, so I think I did pretty well considering! I’m now ready to make fun Christmas cookies using my experience with the icing!


As you can see, my work is nowhere near perfect, but the kids loved them!


  1. These are so cute. I’m wanting to experiment with cookies and icing soon.

  2. Those are so cute! You did a great job with the royal icing!

  3. They are SO cute! I love them.

    For searching for the perfect sugar cookie – I highly recommend Martha’s recipe from her baking handbook. (I don’t use her royal icing recipe, because I prefer to use egg whites instead of merengue powder, but that’s just personal preference).

  4. Oh, they are SOOOOO cute!!!! I love them!

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