Getting to know you!

Well, it seems that you have clicked a link to my blog for a reason. I guess you want to know why I started this blog.

I’m a little addicted to blogging. When I was in college, I started a LiveJournal. No, I will not share that with you, because I’m embarrassed by my past writing abilities and topics. I was a little different in college. When my DH and I became engaged, I started a meager wedding blog. Who would have thought that this bride-to-be would become a BEE! Yep, a few months into planning, I became Miss Ballet Flat on the fabulous Weddingbee! I’ve had a great time blogging about planning the big day, and I can’t wait to share my pro pics with everyone on there! Here’s a little non-pro pic with my DH and I!


I also, around the same time, started a cooking/baking blog. I was greatly inspired by a bunch of nesties to start one. My blog is nowhere near up to par of the greats: Smitten Kitchen, Pioneer Woman, etc…sigh. However, it’s fun to post pictures of my culinary creations (whether bad or good) and get feedback! Note: When the wedding planning got rough, I stopped posting to it…but now that the big day is over, I’ll be back to food blogging shortly! (I even have a few recipes to blog about already!)

Anyway, after all of that blogging, I figured, well, I should blog about the married life. Why not? (So many other people do it!) I have no idea if people will read this, but if no one does, heck, I’ll enjoy looking back on it 5 years later and laughing at the dork I once was! :)

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