The little ones

This is our humble vegetable garden. In the beginning of the Spring, I bought gift cards to a local nursery for HALF OFF. How, you ask? Well, local radio stations all across the country host these half off hook-ups, usually every Friday. There are gift cards for random local businesses (old and new) but it’s extremely limited so you have to get to the website RIGHT at the time the sale starts to get the goodies! Here’s the link to my local (Baton Rouge/New Orleans) half off deals!

So, with the nursery gift card, I ventured to start a vegetable/herb garden. I’ll talk about my herbs another time…the heat is currently not being their friend! I bought a 6 pack of creole tomatoes (you haven’t eaten REAL tomatoes unless you’ve had these IMO), one cherry tomato and one jalapeno (for DH..he loves peppers!). They were SO tiny, and now LOOK at what they have turned into! Crazy…

Well, let me not keep you in deep suspense. Take a look at the little ones…feel free to “awww”.


Cherry tomatoes…awwww.


Creole tomatoes..mmm!


Baby jalapenos.

I’m sure you’re wondering…what the heck are we going to do with all these veggies? Let me show you some ideas that I have!

Bacon wrapped jalapeno thingies
Marinara Sauce

There are more, but I’m also thinking with the salsa and marinara sauce, to try my hand at canning. I know, I’m trying to be so MARTHA it’s not even funny.

But there you have it, our little ones. :)


  1. There is nothing like walking into your own garden and picking a tomato. Enjoy!

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