Getting back on the horse…

I weighed myself this morning at a (not so) skinny 251.7 lbs. Yes, I gained a little post wedding but it’s not as bad as I thought!

There was a little voice inside my head that yelled, “Time to get back to the GYM!” I think it was Jillian…is she my Jiminy Cricket?

We’ve been back from the honeymoon for about two weeks now, and I’ve decided to go back to the Y. I’m sure I’ll see the regulars in my gym class, and they may joke about how a wedding isn’t THAT long. I deserve it for being a lazy newlywed. :)

I remember losing so much weight very very quickly in the beginning of the year. It scared my mom into thinking that the dress wouldn’t fit me at all come May 23rd, so I really didn’t diet hard the next few months and basically maintained my loss. The milkshakes were yummy. :) Unfortunately for me and my cravings, I have no dress holding me down, so it’s time to lose the weight!

My leg muscles are already scared of what is to come in circuits/kickboxing class. I’m sure my instructor will kill me today (and then I’ll reward myself with fro yo for the efforts).

And, big news — DH will be joining the Y with me next week! EEP! (He would join today, but new member orientation is next Monday.)

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