Keeping it Fresh!

My husband and I decided to splurge on a FoodSaver post-wedding. It was one of the things off our registry that we really wanted to have, because meat is pricey when you are buying it in smaller packs. So, to save money I usually raid Sam’s once a month and buy our meats in bulk.

Our usual meats that I buy are chicken breasts, ground turkey and ground beef. We save a good bit of money buying in bulk, and we just package our meat in portions for 2. I used to use saran wrap, then foil,  and then put that in a quart sized freezer bag. However, now, I just take the FoodSaver bag roll, cut it to size, seal one side, put meat in and seal the other side. It sounds hard, but really, it’s not!

Besides saving us time on sealing foods, it also saves us major freezer space!

Check out my bottom freezer drawer! This thing used to be overly full with the same amount of meat!
Another great thing? It makes food last longer in the freezer as well! Not that we don’t use meats often enough, but hey, it’s good to know that it’s keeping our food fresher than the old method!

This is the machine model that we splurged on. I like that it has a built in roll holder for easier storage.


This machine definitely works for us! To see what works for other bloggers, check out We Are That Family!


  1. Congrats on getting married! I have always wanted one of these! We enjoy the little Ziplock vacuum saver, but I’m guessing that you can buy the big rolls of the bag, so you don’t always have to buy the separate boxes of Ziplock baggies? A little jealous over here :)

    Do you like the chicken at Sam’s Club? I’ve heard some good things about it and it generally seems like it runs about 1.99/lb? Stockpiling meat is definitely a huge time saver!

    • Actually, I love the chicken at Sam’s Club (and the prices there). The breasts are HUGE though…so I usually have to pound them down to a fair thickness to cook them evenly.

      I forgot about the Ziploc vacuum saver. I’m sure with occasional coupons in the paper, though, it’s a good savings for you! I plan on using the 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon for our extra bag rolls. :)

  2. Is that the new model that you can use hands-free? I’m due to replace my old one, which has served us well but is on it’s way out. The newer ones look much easier to use!

    • We had to use our hands to hold the bag…I’m not sure the differences between the old models and new. I wish I could help! :(

  3. awesome tip. :)

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