Writing it all down


Since starting my diet up again a couple weeks ago, I’ve found that my best weight loss comes from a week when I remember to log EVERYTHING I eat. I started using a notepad that I found at the Dollar Store to fit in my purse,  but when I went to Border’s this weekend, I decided to upgrade!


This is a log that holds 6 months worth of food/work-out logging with room for goals and things like that. I really like this book so far, and highly recommend it. Had I been smarter, I would have checked Amazon because they are only $6 on here, whereas regular price at Border’s was $15. :

Food logging definitely works for me in helping me lose the weight. What works for you in your diet/fitness plan?

To see what works for other bloggers, check out We are that Family!


  1. I need to try this! I’ve heard it really helps you be consistent in your diet when you write down everything you eat. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I’m totally with you on tracking everything you put in your mouth. When I don’t, I seem to increase portion sizes and take little snacky bites here and there. Keep it up!

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