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This is a really late post, but this WFMW is not as broad as usual. In cake decorating, you learn how to work with many different mediums. Buttercream, Meringue, Royal Icing, Fondant, Gumpaste, Modeling Chocolate–just to name a few.

Honestly, there are advantages and disadvantages to each one, but my favorite (so far) is fondant. The only problem? Fondant isn’t cheap…at all! At least the pre-made stuff isn’t.

So, when I found a Marshmallow Fondant recipe online, I was skeptical. I was afraid of the sticky gooey disaster, but let me tell you, that stuff comes together!!

Another advantage, marshmallows and powdered sugar are DIRT CHEAP as opposed to a box of fondant! Oh, one more thing….you can flavor it with extracts. No need for hard-to-find candy oils, like you do with regular pre-made fondant.

Here’s the latest cake that I made with Marshmallow Fondant for my Wilton course, and if you’re curious, check out the recipe here!

Pardon the kleenex and torn ribbon there. It’s been a while since I worked with fondant!

Marshmallow fondant works for me in cake decorating. To see what works for other bloggers, check out We are that Family.


  1. Omg that is adorable!

  2. My kids have been obsessed with watching Challenge and Ace of Cakes on the cooking channel and have been bugging me to buy fondant. I’m going to try this recipe…thanks!

  3. jenni marie says:

    That is one gorgeous cake!! Seriously, kleenex and all!!

  4. Marshmallow? Who knew? I love making cakes since I took my first Wilton course but found fondant to be intimidating (both in price and in skill needed). Now I think I will give this a whirl!


  5. that’s so cool!

  6. thats sooo cool. i wanna cake !

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