A fun painting adventure!

A couple of weekends ago, I treated my mom and I to a fun way to have a girl’s night! For Mother’s Day, I told her we’d go to a painting class at a local business called Corks And Canvas, but she had to choose the painting. My mom is really into New Orleans looking houses, but those sell out quickly, so we had to book WAY in advance.

We ended up choosing a painting called “Mellow Yellow”, which was a 3 hour class. My mom painted years ago, so I knew it would be no trouble for her. However, I never was good at art, so I was a little worried.

I had little fear when we got to our station. The Corks part of the business involves bringing alcohol and drinking the night away, so it seemed very relaxing and chilled out.

They started us off by sketching basic outlines on the canvas.


Then, step by step, our instructor would tell us what areas to paint, what colors to blend with, etc. Here’s my mom with her mad blending skills!


After all of the painting was done, we had to outline everything. Let’s just say I’m not very good at outlining hehe! You can tell my mom has a lighter touch, but I still think it looks really good! Can you guess which one is mine? (pretty easy…)


Mom and I had so much fun with this class that we plan on coming back for more! I definitely recommend a class like this if you have one in your area. :)

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