Dear MyCokeRewards…

I used to be a devout coke drinker and points collector. I would save every 20 oz. cap, every 12 pk. box piece and even embarrassingly raid the recycle bin at work when I saw a bunch of 12 pk. boxes in there for codes. I was dedicated and determined to get a huge load of points!

Then it happened. A visit to the dentist explained it all…I had 8 cavities, 3 of which were so deep, they had to do a root canal and crown. Dang soda, you cost me over $3000 in dental services because I loved you so.

So, we broke up. Cold turkey. I forgot about all 1700 of my points (yes 1700) and decided to go to water and juices. In the past few months, all I had my mind on was the wedding and cleaning the house. I forgot about my reward points….until last night.

I thought about my 1700 points and thought, oh nice! I should redeem these for a killer prize (or two).

I could have won free movie tickets for a date night, free flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS, a Nike gift card, or even a really nice OXO garden tools kit.

However, I forgot about a 90 day inactive account clause. I logged in only to find that my balance was 0 points. I’m heartbroken. Sure, these items were worth about $25, but I was counting on you, MyCokeRewards.

I hope someone at Coke will see this blog and give me my 1700 points back. It’s so doubtful, but it’s a stretch. I’m tempted to call or email but there is no contact information. I’m sure my busy soda boycotting booty is no exception to the clause, but I should be rewarded for the root canals and recycle bin digging in SOME way. :(

The (now) water chugger

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