The start of the Fall

I know Fall isn’t until nearly the end of September, but to me, Fall is when the weather changes to cooler mornings, football season starts and the cravings for everything pumpkin become imminent. Fall is here!

Another thing I associate with fall is darker, richer colors. So, this year, since I no longer have my blonde color to maintain for the wedding, I decided to darken up to my natural hair color. :)

Here’s a before, on my wedding day. It has since grown massive roots and lost a bit of its luster…standard with hair color though.




I think this is a good look for me. She didn’t even have to use harsh highlighting paste, so my hair won’t be as damaged this time around. :)

Here’s to pumpkin spice Starbucks, changing leaves and fresh new hair!


  1. Mmm… I love pumpkin spice lattes. I had one on Tuesday, the first day they were offered!

    In other news, cute hair! :)

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