Another vow…this time to me!

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, I got really gung-ho about losing weight and being healthy. I even told myself that I was going to keep this up, because I was on a roll. I lost about 20 lbs. since my college graduation! It was great!

After the wedding, however, we started adjusting to our new lives together and things took a bad turn. I found myself feeling less and less guilty. I would eat WHOLE pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, crave Nawlins style snowballs everyday, and never have remorse for fast food! I also quit the YMCA to save money and swore I would get back into shredding. What was I thinking? :(

I had to do SOMETHING. I had no motivation. So, I rejoined Weight Watchers. They are having a deal until October 17th that you can buy one monthly plan and get one free. So, two months of meetings and weigh-ins for $40. That should be enough for a jump start, right?

Since September 30th, I’ve lost 5.2 pounds! To see the 250’s again on my scale feels very good. I haven’t gotten back into exercising quite yet, but that will be happening this week. With the beautiful Fall weather on my side, I’m restarting the Couch to 5K work-out plan! Maybe I can get a friend to do a 5K with me next Spring. Who knows.

As for rewards, I remember writing this post about rewarding myself. I know, I should be in the 230s right now, but oh well, at least I’m back on the horse! No need to beat myself over it!

Here’s my new reward ideas:

By Thanksgiving, I WILL be in the 230s.
By New Years, I WILL be in the 210s. 
By my 26th birthday, I WILL be in ONEDERLAND! (that’s weight with a 1 in front of the two other numbers, not a 2)
By summer 2010, I WILL be in the 180s.
By Labor Day 2010, I WILL reach my GOAL! (170s)

I will be giving myself some great rewards for reaching these goals too…

Reaching Thanksgiving goal — Buying a dSLR after Christmas!
Reaching 26th bday goal — A little ol’ shopping spree at VS. I’ve always wanted to shop there!
Reaching Summer goal – A brand new swimsuit!
Reaching GOAL — Big time shopping spree and a pat on the back!

Is anyone else trying to lose weight since they gained some newlywed poundage?


  1. Well done for making the first step. The weight watchers is a good idea, because you need a like-minded support group. Remember, diet is more important than exercise to shift weight, therefore it’s worth making sure you are sorted with your diet before doing too much exercise (if you take on too much in one go you may well find you get fed up of it). Once your diet is sorted you’ll naturally find you have more energy and the exercise will follow.

    The best way to lose weight is to cut out all (at least most) processed food (including bread, cereal, sauces, ready-meals, cooked meats, most tinned food, spreads, fizzy drinks & squash, and anything that says ‘low fat’ or ‘low sugar’ or ‘no added sugar’ or ‘diet’ – as these usually contain harmful chemical substitutes that hamper weight-loss as well as other side effects). Giving up milk & dairy would also be a great help, mainly due to fact that many of us are allergic to them and they cause bloating and take away our energy.

    Instead move over to 100% whole foods, such as fruit, vegetable, nuts, seeds, fish and lean meats. Porridge oats are a great breakfast – delicious made with water & a teaspoon of honey mixed min. Fill up at breakfast with fruit – will keep hunger at bay and get you to lunch time. Snack on the quickest take-away food invented – apples. If you do give up milk & dairy, eat lots of oranges, almond nuts and sardines with bones in (to get your calcium). And on the subject of sardines – v. high in Omega 3 – a fantastic fat-burner (plus great brain food. 75% of our brain function depends on Omega 3).

    Good luck with your journey.

    With regards to motivation, check out my latest blog post for an example of how humans can achieve things that would at first seem impossible:

  2. oh, and the golden rule of weightloss – drink lots of water!!

    Within a week of drinking lots of water (say 6 litres a day) your body will start to lose it’s store of water (water-bloating) and that can account for quite a few pounds. Basically, when you are constantly drinking water your body doesn’t feel the need to store water for emergency purposes. Drinking lots of water also has the benefit of keeping you properly hydrated, helps keep you feeling full and so keeps hunger at bay, and it also flushes toxins out of your body.

    Good luck with your journey.

  3. Hi, I think this is the first comment I’ve left, although I’ve followed your food blog off and on from before I realized you were ballet flats :) Anyway, I’m with you. I’ve gained my 20lbs back since the wedding…

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