The Real Bride

This post on Weddingbee reminded me of the early stages of planning.

The post is for brides to share the pictures of their dress on the model vs. on them. Seriously, real brides look WAY better in the dresses than the models do. I didn’t always feel that way though.

I remember when I decided on my dress. I went in with a really open mind, but with a budget. I never saw the dress before in a catalog or magazine, but I was so drawn to it that it was a natural choice for THE DRESS. I remember asking the sales lady for the dress name, so I could stalk it endlessly on the Internet for the next few months before receiving mine.

When I went on the Internet, I found the dress. Wow, did it ever look GOOD on her! I wanted to look like that…I told myself that I HAD to look like that on our big day.

Original Dress Link

Well, you know the rest of the story. I didn’t become a size 0. However, on my wedding day, I felt so beautiful and amazing, even at a size 22.

Image taken by Amanda Meyer

Moral of the story? If you are about to be a bride, don’t push yourself to look like the model. Just be REAL!

Eat that pint of Ben & Jerry’s when the invitations don’t go quite right and don’t beat yourself up if your florist appointment ran into your work-out time. You will still look and feel great in your dress on the big day! I promise!


  1. WOW! You are a stunning bride!!!

    I had 3/4 sleeves as well, and I felt like a million bucks on my wedding day.

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