Must Make This!

I live in Louisiana, so I know you might be laughing that I actually want something like this. However, I’m a big wuss. The minute the temperatures dip into the 40s, I am layering clothes on and shivering like crazy. So, when I was looking around Fossil’s website, I saw this.


I love how simple it is! The gorgeous knitting held together with one big button. So cute! However, $32?!? That’s a little nuts! I can buy two tops for that much. So, I went to etsy on a search to find a similar pattern so I could knit this up myself!


This pattern is from brightcraft’s Etsy shop. It’s an inexpensive pattern, and I figure the yarn will not cost that much either to make this happen. I can also adapt the pattern to just have the one button on it. The only thing I need to learn is the cable knit. I’ve never done it before, but I think I can EASILY learn it on YouTube or some place similar. I found a visual tutorial from Lion’s Brand yarn, but I’m hoping to find a video. I learn the best by watching. :)

The catch? I already have a craft project that needs to be done first. See, I promised a dear friend who was expecting that I would make her a baby sampler. This dear friend had her baby two weeks ago, and here’s my progress. I’ve known about her pregnancy since she was at 6 weeks and didn’t start until she was at 30 weeks! Procrastination at its finest, folks!

Ignore the fact that the animals have no eyes. I’m rusty on my french knot and want to do those last!

So, I need to finish this up quickly. My goal is to do a square each week. If my progress goes as planned, I┬ácan get this to her before Christmas! :) I told my husband that if I’m watching TV without a needle in my hand, he needs to remind me to work on this little project!

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