You might remember when I made a vow to myself. A very important vow…to get healthier and lose weight.

You might even wonder how I’m doing, well, it’s fairly going well, but could be better. I’ve lost about 5 lbs. in total so far. This is my fifth week on Weight Watchers, and I’ve averaged about 1 lb./week. It’s good, but at my weight, I feel like I could pull bigger numbers.

For this week, I’m re-introducing exercise. I will be doing Couch to 5K 3 days/week for now until my body is ready for more (aka The Shred for the other two days in a work week).

So, to reinvigorate the lifestyle change, I’ve joined this holiday challenge! I’m still doing the Healthy Train challenge, but since that’s a longer term goal where I could probably convince myself to not care as much during the holidays and try extra hard afterwards, I feel that this extra challenge will help me!

On the scale this morning, I was 258.4…is it possible to lose 18.5 lbs in 3 weeks to reach my Thanksgiving goal? Chances are slim to none, but I’m aiming for 10 lbs. and hoping for more!

For this challenge, I need to make two of these bullets my goals daily. I chose the bolded.

  • 80oz of water a day, every day – ONLY water counts!
  • 320 minutes of exercise per week – works out to be just over an hour a day, five days per week – you can DO this!
  • Journaling EVERY morsel that crosses your lips – including the chocolate chips you sneak when you make cookies (Please tell me this is NOT only me…?)
  • Trying something new every week – food or exercise counts but you must tell us what it is!!
  • Weighing in only once per week
  • Volunteer an hour a week at a local organization or to doing something good for someone else.
  • On December 1st, I will have to change one of the two goals to a new goal to meet. I’ll surprise you with that one later.

    I feel that this will really help me beat the holiday weight gain. I love a good challenge, especially one for prizes!!

    How are you avoiding the impending weight gain of the holiday season?




    1. While I do think 18.5lb is a little bit excessive for a 3week time frame, 10lb is a little more doable (though still quite difficult!)…just make sure you drink lots of water, eat fiber and fresh vegetables/fruit, exercise, and keep your vitamins up. Life is not about perfection, but about the journey. You can do it!

      • Thanks for hosting the challenge. I know 18 is far-fetched, but I’m thinking 10lbs. is way more doable for my body. I just need to get to moving around now! :)

    2. Good luck with the challenge! I’ll be doing it as well. Figured an extra push through the holidays would be perfect. Good luck!

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