Planning for Thanksgiving

About two months ago, the hubs and I talked about how the holidays were going to work. We both value time with our families during the holidays and hated the idea of choosing one or the other, because of distance. We came to a resolution…to host Thanksgiving. My family is from the New Orleans area, which is a good hour away from Baton Rouge, where we currently live. His family lives in the Baton Rouge area. So, Thanksgiving with our families is easy for this year!

Now, the house isn’t exactly company ready, so we have some tasks to do to get ready.

Here’s our house from Halloween.
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Since then, the decorations have come down, except for the wreath and a sign that says “Happy Harvest”. Our ongoing project has been painting the house from brick red  to the goldish color it currently is. Our task and goal is to finish repainting the white trim and painting the doors and shutters a dark grey/almost black color.

Our house is also pretty cluttered from doing random fix-it projects around the house. We plan on cleaning it out and making it look like more of a home than a construction zone. :)

I’m secretly hoping the hubs embraces the idea of decorating the house for Christmas a week BEFORE Thanksgiving so my family can see the house completely festive. I know it’s a little early, but the last time my family saw the house was a little over a year ago when they evacuated here for Hurricane Gustav. Not the brightest of times, I promise you.

Are you taking on any house projects before you host your holiday party?




  1. It will be so fun to have your family for Thanksgiving. Just remember, they are coming to see you, not your house, so don’t make yourself crazy with trying to make everything perfect. It took me 12 years of marriage to figure that out.

  2. Last year was the first year I’d spent Christmas with my mother in over 12 years (I’m originally from DC, moved to WI for college and have been here since then). We went NUTS trying to get the house “festive” and “ready” for her. It looked nice, but I was ragged from trying to do it all.

    This year she’ll be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas – and while I’ll decorate and all – it won’t be as much as last year.

    The fact that you’re welcoming everyone into your home, under joyous circumstances, will make the house festive (especially considering the last time!).

    • That’s so true! :) I see myself going a little nuts for this, because I stress about perfection for some strange reason. I’m going to need to relax haha!

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