A Hidden High Cost..

Ever since I was in college, I’ve been getting my hair highlighted on a regular basis. I get it done typically every 3 months, because my hair is naturally a darker blonde, and the roots aren’t too obvious until then.

However, after years and years of doing crazy damage to my hair and wallet, I’ve decided to stop. How can I just stop, you ask? Very simply…

I purchased a $7 box of Natural Instincts.

Since it a semi-permanent color, I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with roots and it’s now serving as a color that is VERY close to my natural hair color. It’s also way less harsh than bleach, so my hair is currently happier because of it!

I can give you an idea of the before/after, but, like I said, it’s faded quite a bit to a more dark blonde color.


Making this little change in my life is saving me $70/3 months or a whopping $280/year! Instead of me spending that money, I’m currently placing it in a savings account! (To note, that’s considered cheap for highlights for the length that my hair was at the time before the pre-wedding . I used to get my hair done at a salon school.)

Will I ever go back to blonde? Maybe…but for now, I’m considering this to be a fun change!


  1. I agree, it’s so expensive! I started doing it before my wedding, and it’s so hard to stop. Even if I don’t get highlights, I get an all over color to hide the grays (gasp!) in my brown hair. I may need to go back to the bottle.

    • If you know what color your salon uses in your hair, for example, my natural hair color is a 7N and I want as close to natural as possible, you can go to Sally’s Beauty Supply and buy the color that you need as an exact match to what salons use. :) When I go to permanent color, that’s what I’m planning on doing for myself.

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