What Can I Buy for $1?

Today, I found myself at the mall waiting in line for 45 minutes. What was I waiting for? A $10 gift card. It might not be worth it to some, but for a penny pincher like me, completely worth it.

I find myself shopping for some basics at Dollar Tree repeatedly, because they are great deals that I want to share. I totally remind myself of that McDonald’s commercial, challenging myself to find great deals for a dollar!

Be aware though, there are some things in Dollar stores that really aren’t good deals as well, however, in my experience, these things are great deals!

  • Greeting cards: at 2/$1, it completely beats the pants off of cards that are $2-$5 each!
  • Gift Bags: $1 each for all sizes vs. $3 and up for bags at other retailers and they are just as cute/nice!
  • Tissue Paper: it can be about $3 for a package of tissue paper, vs. $1 for a pack of 30 sheets in either white or different colors. A deal indeed!
  • Mylar Balloons: they come inflated for every occasion and are $1 vs. $3 plus!
  • Posterboard: you can buy 3 sheets for a dollar. We bought a bunch of this for the garage sale. They also have foamboard for $1. This is a great deal, since it’s a little less than $1 for one sheet of posterboard and $3 for foamboard.
  • Scrapbooking supplies: $1 each for cute stickers, rub-on transfers, markers, etc.? Deal!
  • Pregnancy/Ovulation tests: when the time comes for us to TTC, you better believe that I’ll be raiding the store for these!
  • Photo Frames: they have a great selection available in many sizes!
  • Disposable pans/containers for food: I like to buy some of these for occasions when I know I’m going to share cooked food with family. I hate nagging people for my Rubbermaid containers back, so this makes it a no-brainer.

Do you like shopping at Dollar stores? What are your favorite finds there?


  1. good list! i also like to buy sponges at the dollar tree, a pack of five or six for the whole month. i use one for about a week and then throw it out.

  2. I LOVE the wrapping paper from Dollar Tree! The regular paper comes in 30 sq. foot rolls, and the rolls are long–great for larger packages. You can also get some of the shiny/holographic paper there for $1/roll, but I discovered last year that the paper is difficult to work with–it doesn’t crease easily and is hard to tear when opening. But, the regular paper is great! You may have to dig to find designs that you like, but for $1/roll (vs. $2-$5+!) it’s totally worth it! They also have great to/from tags, bows, and basic ornaments.

    Clearly, I love Dollar Tree!

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