Remembering Some Goals

I always tend to forget something in life. Today, fellow blogger, e. louise, blogged about her newly written 101 in 1001 days list. Guess who has a list that’s over a year old? Yep, me.

Have I kept up with it? Not much since the wedding…shameful!

It’s time to revisit my list. Talk about overwhelming!

Bolded tasks are finished, italicized are in progress and normal has not been attempted.

1. send Christmas cards to all family and friends for 2009 and 2010
2. help my sister rearrange her room before I move (won’t ever be done…moved)
3. take my mom to a travelling broadway show

4. have my parents meet my fiance’s parents

5. take sisters out to dinner and a movie

6. buy handmade or make all Christmas gifts for family and friends one year

7. practice clarinet again to get back into the hobby (played for 11 years)
8. write Thank You notes to everyone who sends me a gift this Christmas and next birthday (wedding is a given)
9. donate blood 4 times (0/4)
10. eat RAW sushi
11. live like a college kid and stay up until 4am! (Thank you Men’s Basketball in the Summer Olympics!)
12. take a shower in two minutes (Navy shower) – Thank you Hurricane Gustav..I hate COLD showers!
13. write a whole novel during NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month)
14. floss everyday for a month
15. take boudoir pictures
try 5 things that I’ve hated since I was a child (2/5)
* tried red beans & rice on Saturday, August 23rd. It was OK…
       * tried squash on Saturday October 18th…eww!
17. take the GRE
18. change my last name
19. start an etsy business
20. use nothing but reusable grocery bags for 50 grocery trips (0/50)
21. use a whitening system on my teeth
22. no internet for 5 weekends (0/5)
23. drive the speed limit for 5 days (0/5)

24. play 5 video games with him (3/5)
    * played Buzz with quiz game!
    * played Jeopardy
    * played Wheel of Fortune

25. beat him in Scrabble (kicked his booty on 9/27/09)
26. do it (duh!)
27. serve him breakfast in bed on his birthday
28. surprise him 10 times (1/10)
29. be adventurous and go brunette (after the wedding)
30. join the YMCA with him
31. start a workout regime together
32. make him his favorite dinner and dessert by request
33. mow the grass for him
34. make scrapbook of senior year at LSU
35. cross stitch baby sampler for pregnant friend
36. knit a pair of socks
37. learn how to use a sewing machine
38. sew a pair of PJ pants
39. make T-Shirt quilt from old college shirts
40. make a necklace and set of earrings
(September 2008)
41. successfully use a GOCCO machine
42. cross stitch the Christmas bear wreath I started last year
43. reach 240s
44. reach 230s
45. reach 220s
46. reach 210s
47. reach 200s
48. reach 190s
49. reach 180s
50. reach 170s
51. be able to lift 50 lb. weights in a shoulder press
52. take vitamins everyday for 20 weeks (0/20)
exercise at least 4 times a week for 20 weeks in a row (0/20)
54. give up caffeine for a full month
55. complete the couch to 5K program
56. do Jillian’s 30 day shred for 30 days STRAIGHT
57. not weigh myself for 30 days (rely on measurements)
58. do a whole spinning class
59. drink nothing but water for a month
60. give up refined sugar for a week
61. start a weight loss blog (newlywed blog w/ weight loss in it –

62. make a tiered cake
63. cook 4 times/week for 20 weeks (0/20)
64. make a good pot of Gumbo
65. make caramel candies
66. make dog treats for Dixie
67. successfully make my own homemade vanilla extract
68. successfully bake a loaf of crawfish bread
69. learn to make Memaw’s spaghetti and meatballs
70. make a full-on holiday meal for the family
71. not watch Food Network for a whole week!!
72. make fresh pasta
73. make homemade ice cream
74. take a knife skill class (I cut myself too often)
75. update food blog 20 times in one month
76. make fruit roll-ups
77. make beef jerky
78. go to a Pampered Chef party
79. make an original recipe :)
80. make a cookie bouquet
81. smoke and BBQ a piece of meat

82. start saving for a baby fund!
83. reach 5k invested in 401K/Roth
reach 10k invested in 401K/Roth
85. reach 15k invested in 401K/Roth
86. save up an e-fund of AT LEAST $2,000
87. pay off current car
88. own a share in stock
89. make a budget and stick to it for 12 months (4/12)
90. save enough for wedding to where there is no debt after May 23, 2009

91. start an herb garden
92. recycle diligently for 4 weeks (0/4)
93. clean out attic
94. put up curtains throughout the house
95. finish personal craft room
96. make a patio into more than a concrete block
97. make a flower garden in the front

98. attend church every Sunday for 30 weeks consecutively to develop a habit (0/30)
99. receive the sacrament of Holy Matrimony
100. go to reconciliation 5 times (0/5)
101. pray everyday for a month (0/30 or 31)

I still have a long way to go, but I have until 5/6/2011 to finish this list.

Have you revisited your goals lately?


  1. that is a great list! I’ve never started one of those lists but perhaps the new year is time to start :) Good luck on everything!

    (and hi! I’m delurking :) I <3 your blog!)

  2. I’m working on my 101… you gave me some great ideas!

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