I Cheat Sometimes!

Everytime I vow to lose this weight, there is a temptation coming. Sometimes, I do it before my birthday, when there are ever-flowing frozen margaritas and delicious cakes to attack. Sometimes, I do it before Mardi Gras (which happens to be around new years)…hello, KING CAKE?

Right now, I’m doing it before the holidays. God forbid I start a diet before the holidays! I mean there’s sweet potato pie, eggnog, potatoes with gravy…ooo, GRAVY!

I feel like I’m a disservice to everyone else around me when I start my diet.

Two things typically happen in social events. I’m sure I’m not alone here!

  1. You go for that one tiny sliver of pizza and your friend sees you. They say, “That’s all you’re having?” You say, “Yes, I just wanted to TRY this…” They say, “Well, you already cheated today, might as well eat some more.” Ugh…
  2. You’re at a nice dinner with family and you fill your plate halfway. Still considered a normal portion by dieticians (and is still cheating because of the 4 sticks of butter they put in the dish). However, this half plate isn’t good enough..you were known to eat two plates FULL of this stuff before.  So, you’re asked if there is something wrong with the dish or if you didn’t like it. GREAT…now the host’s feelings are hurt. Seriously…ugh!

Yes, I cheat. It happens, but don’t force me to blow my day or my week, because your food is some sort of amazing. I can have two bites of the amazingness and it’s still FINE! Erg…portion control all the way!

It just peeves me so hard when I do slip that people surrounding me do not support my efforts. It’s impossible to be perfect, and if I try to be perfect, I’m just going to fall off that wagon even harder when I finally do.

This holiday season, I will be the picky one barely eating at my plate until I’m satisfied. No more unbuttoning pants, unable to move after eating. This time, it will be different…and I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Here’s some portion control tips I will be keeping in mind for the upcoming holidays…I will not gain this holiday season!

Does anyone else feel this way around the holidays with your diet plan?


  1. Ugh – I hate that. It’s so important to have a support system. I don’t know if this is feasible, but are you able to talk to them about it? (Would they flip out?) I am lucky to have a group of friends who are all on the healthy train together. I have never understood why any caring friend or family member would stand in the way of someone doing something good for themselves. (whatever that good thing is!) I support you – if others have a problem with you doing what you need/want to do, then that will just have to be their problem. You are doing great; don’t let others make you feel guilty for all you’ve accomplished. Many kudos to you!

    • Well, you know I hate to confront, but I have mentioned to my husband to help motivate me more in these situations. :) We’re both on the healthy train and don’t want the holidays to ruin us, you know?

  2. I agree; portion control all the way! Honestly, I usually eat what I want Thanksgiving and Christmas day. BUT, I try to stick to the right portions, and I try to eat only when I’m hungry – which are usually my two biggest downfalls!

  3. I completely understand. My inlaws do this all.the.time. Be strong, girly!

  4. Try being pregnant. It’s like all of the sudden everyone think you should be as unhealthy as possible. Eat all the treats you want. Eat all the things you crave. At a time when you are feeding the most vulnerable of human beings it doesn’t make any sense to me to being indulging.

    It also doesn’t make any sense to me to tell a woman who is obviously trying to change her life around that the best choice for her would be to eat eat eat and possibly gain more weight.

    Nope, no sense at all.

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