Less than a week?!?

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away! The hubs and I are so very excited to have our families spend their holiday in our little house. We’re having 11 people over! It’s unbelievable.

At first, I was really trying to plan how to make all of the food, but over the past week, our parents have really insisted on bringing more and more food. It’s to the point to where we are only making about 1/2 of the food that we originally planned on making. To me, that’s fabulous, because I have more time to make the house pretty!

This weekend, I plan on putting up our tree. I know it’s early, but really, my family never has seen our house in full-on holiday glory, so I’m giving that to them (and me…I love Christmas!).

I’m excited about all of the little last minute preparations that we’ll be doing, including:

  1. washing/ironing cloth napkins (which we’ve never used before!)
  2. setting table up with the cute decorations I have planned
  3. buying cheap dollar store food containers so we can push tons of food away to family
  4. the grocery shopping
  5. making a plan for how the food will be laid out
  6. decorating the inside of the house for Christmas (don’t judge)

Are you excited about Thanksgiving?


  1. sassandpancakes says:

    I am SO excited about Thanksgiving, and Eating/Holiday season in general. Tomorrow my friends are getting together for a Friends Thanksgiving. Nom nom nom. And I am totes magotes on board with the Christmas music already. YES.

  2. I love the picture you posted…we’re also having tons of family over for Thanksgiving and need ideas on how to decorate!

  3. That’s awesome that you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner! I think you’re totally within your rights to decorate for Christmas so they can see what cute stuff you have. :)

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