This Black Friday…

I’m staying home. I used to be the one drooling over deals on Thanksgiving morning, mapping out my plan of attack, only to realize that I was greedily buying all of these things for myself. It’s totally better to give than to receive, and surprisingly, this holiday season, I’m almost done with my holiday shopping! So, instead of store hopping, I’ll be happily crafting and relaxing.

I still have this to work on, which is now halfway done. Whew!

And now, I’m breaking in my sewing machine (that I got last Christmas)┬áto make a tote bag! Very exciting stuff, folks.

Maybe one day I’ll get back into writing my Weddingbee recaps….sigh. I’m sorry for keeping you Weddingbee readers waiting, but it’s hard to finish these bad boys. :(

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