Looking back…


I can’t believe how quickly the past decade went by. I remember the freak-out of Y2K, and how weird it would be to say the 00s, rather than the 90s or the 80s.

Let’s see if I can remember some highlights of each year…

  • 2000 – made it into district honor band (I might not have mentioned that I played clarinet for 11 years of my life), played my first solo at a concert
  • 2001 – got my hair professionally highlighted for the first time ever (for prom), g0t my driver’s license, played trombone for fun in marching band
  • 2002 – graduated high school, started college at LSU, played clarinet in TigerBand
  • 2003 – became an RA (resident assistant) in the res halls on campus and really faced independence
  • 2004 – changed to a Geography major after falling in LOVE with my meteorology class.
  • 2005 – Hurricane Katrina hit NOLA (not a highlight, but that’s a huge thing that occurred), got promoted to SRA (senior resident assistant), oh yeah and I took my first calculus class…eesh..
  • 2006 – was elected President of LSU’s chapter of Silver Wings, started my final year of college, worked at a news station where I learned about broadcast meteorology (I even made a resume tape!), started dating my husband
  • 2007 – got the LSU Legacy award for leaders, got invited to a swanky leader party at the chancellor’s house, graduated from LSU, got my first job at the Army Corps of Engineers in NOLA (and learned a TON about the levee system)
  • 2008 – started my food blog, got engaged, started a blog for wedding planning and became a blogger for Weddingbee
  • 2009 – lost 20 lbs., got married,started this blog, gained 25 lbs. back (more on this later…ugh)

Needless to say, a LOT happened this decade.

Of course, there are resolutions…there are always resolutions!

  • This month, I’m NaBloPoMo’ing it up again! Get ready for 31 posts, folks!
  • I’m getting back on the weight loss/health train. More on this in another post to come.
  • Drab to (hopefully) fab. Gotta love how cheap I am. I have 5 shirts that I have in constant rotation at work, and they are getting stretched out. My socks have holes, bras are stretched out, pants are wayy too big and fading, etc.  Time for a new wardrobe, slowly, but surely.


  1. I hope this year and the next 10 are fabulous for you!!

  2. Oh man, I totally remember the Y2K “scare” … my parents stocked up on barrels of water, canned goods, flashlights … ha.

    It’s so crazy thinking about ten years ago, especially for those of us in our twenties/thirties because things change SO much at that age. It’s super weird thinking about how we’re now in a different decade than high school

    • Yeah, this decade had SO many changes. I feel that the 15-25 age decade was just such a crucial decade, and it’s a little sad to let it go too. I hope 25-35 is just as eventful! :)


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