Sabotage Attempts

Wednesday was a real battle. I was saving my calories for a dinner that was going to be pretty calorie hefty, so my lunch and breakfast was pretty light.

Around 2pm, my work had a birthday club meeting, which included fruit pizza and ice cream. Not just any ice cream, Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. That stuff is amazing to me. I walked into the meeting and a few people asked me if I wanted some of the dessert. I politely declined, looked down at my out of control belly and said “I’m just keeping true to my resolution.”

I didn’t want to offend my coworker who graciously made the fruit pizza, but I wanted to be selfish and keep those calories I had been saving for that night. Some of my coworkers offered it again, mentioning that it was just fruit. JUST FRUIT? Just fruit, cookie crust and cream cheese frosting….ugh. So tempting, I promise you, but I just kept insisting, saying thank you, and ended up leaving the room.

That afternoon, I get home and there is a box on my door step. Not just any box, though.

My grandma is such a sweetheart. See, my husband’s cake for the wedding was this.

Image taken by Amanda Meyer Photography

Our wedding was in May, but who doesn’t love king cake outside of the season? And yes, king cakes are traditionally purple, gold and green, but it’s not Carnival season and well, we made it into an LSU king cake instead!

We completely forgot about the plastic baby in the cake, and evidently, my grandma got it! Tradition is, whoever gets the baby buys the next king cake. So, my grandma insisted on getting us a king cake.

So, she got us a king cake on Kings Day, which is the 12th day of Christmas, when Carnival season officially starts. I’ll say this was such a sweet surprise, especially to my husband. Why is that? Well, it was lemon filled and lemon is his absolute FAVORITE. As you can see, the top tier of the (groom’s) king cake was lemon filled.

Guess who hates lemon dessert ANYTHING? That’s right, me. I’ll admit, I tried to get a slice that looked like it had little filling, but even that little bit made me wanna gag. So, while it was a completely awesome gesture of her, this will not ruin my diet whatsoever. We’re going to freeze this cake in individual slices for the hubs though. There’s NO way he can finish this cake!

For now, potential sabotages have been put under control. I can’t wait to see what the scale shows after week 1! :)


  1. Oh, I know this feeling all too well! It’s hard when others aren’t on the healthy bandwagon and they gawk at you for declining the junk! I came to the thought that it’s not that they’re trying to make us fail or go off our healthy diet, it’s because Americans celebrate, socialize, mourn, etc, WITH FOOD! And if you don’t partake, I think it sends the message that you don’t want to celebrate or socialize. It’s so silly! I work with middle school kids & we had a party at school on Wednesday… in FOUR CLASSES. And when kids offer you a cookie they’ve made, it makes you feel really bad to decline… so I accepted, then would just take a nibble on each thing and discretely throw the remainder away after class! It worked for me, but talk about a test in willpower!

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