Oh El Nino!

I appreciate you for killing the hurricane season of 2009. However, I have a bone to pick with you now.

Winter season…El Nino, you are seriously geographically confused. See, this is Louisiana. Louisiana doesn’t see weather in the 20s, much less hear/see snow almost 3 times in one season.

I don’t want to wait until Tuesday to see lows in the 40s, so if you’d like to send Louisiana a nice surprise of sunshine, that would be most excellent.


Lady who only has sleeveless dresses and has to attend a wedding tomorrow


  1. sillyhead, this is why Gd invented cardigan and other cute sweaters. the key to surviving real winters is to dress in layers

  2. Ok, so I’m a lot late in posting this… but my computer crashed right before new years and I’m still battling with that mess. Hope the wedding was great and you found some much needed warm wear!

    I just wanted to comment because I, too, am in Louisiana and the weather has been driving me insane! Thank goodness it has finally started to warm up somewhat! We’ve had entirely too many people with busted pipes around here.

    We’ve got an outdoor wedding to attend in Jackson, LA in March and I wonder how chilly it will be then.

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