A couple of late gifts..

After a couple of months for no personal purchases, because of the holidays, I decided to put some money towards me!

The great thing is, I got each of these for quite a steal. I saved about $100 alone on these two items!

First gift to me were new shoes for work. I’m a flat shoes gal, thus the reason I chose the moniker of Mrs. Ballet Flat on Weddingbee. My current flats had the sole separating from the shoe, so some new ones were needed!

These retail on Nordstrom for $95, but RueLaLa had them for $45. I would never spend $45 on work shoes, ever. (Yeah, I’m cheap…) However, I had a $30 credit, essentially paying $15 for these! (plus shipping and handling)

For this next gift to me, I love to bake. I get even more excited with pretty kitchen stuff. I’ve been lusting over some Emile Henry bakeware, but again, I just couldn’t justify the $$ to spend on it. These retail for $45 each, but this pie dish was $25 on One Kings Lane. I had a $10 credit for this site, so the pie dish became $15 (plus shipping and handling).

I am so excited about the gifts to myself, but more importantly, I love a good deal, which makes it even more exciting!

I’m sure most of you are members of either sites, but if you are interested, here’s a brief description of each, with a link to an invite since these sites are invite only. :)

RueLaLa (invite) sells mostly clothes, but they sometimes sell home decor, kitchen stuff, accessories and makeup for up to 70% off.

One Kings Lane (www.onekingslane.com/invite/joinokl) sells mainly home decor items, but they also offer accessories, and kitchen stuff for huge discounts!

Have you gotten any good deals since the holidays?


  1. Oooh, I LOVE Emile Henry. When I got married I registered for a bunch of the pieces in a yellow color (I think Dijon? Or something like that), and for some reason that summer they discontinued a ton of their items so a buuuuunch of things in my color were half to seventy-five percent off. It was like Christmas. :)

    Those shoes are super cute!

    • That is so awesome!! Sounds like a great sale!

      I love yellow…I splurged on a Le Creuset on the honeymoon in a yellow color. So cute!

  2. Oooh, I love them both! That pie plate is just so pretty! We got lucky in that someone sent us a belated wedding gift right after the holidays, so we picked up some stuff for really cheap, due to after-Christmas sales! Gotta love a bargain!

  3. The invite for One Kings Lane doesn’t work. :(

  4. Ohhh I took advantage of that Emile Henry sale too! I had one a $150 giftcard from one king lanes awhile back and still hadn’t spent it so I got two of those pie plates, 2 of the butter pots, 2 of the serving bowls and some rectangular & oval baking dishes. I’m so excited because I was recently at the outlets and Le Creuset was clearancing their black stoneware line so I already have a bunch of that-the Emile Henry items will fit right in! I’m gonna have to get some more color now!

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