Week 1 Results

I’m pretty happy with these results. I mean, after a rough week at work and a root canal last Tuesday, I just did not want to work out.

Before: 272
After (Week 1): 264.9

Weight difference: -7.1 lbs.
Percentage: 2.6% lost

Overall, I’ve been still pretty tired, but I didn’t get exercise in and I’m not completely back on water again. Darn Crystal Light is so tasty!

Hopefully, some things at work slow down for me to where I can get to the gym at a decent hour this week.

If you are doing some healthy changes in your life, how did this week go for you?


  1. Wow…7 lbs in a week! That’s impressive…and a little scary. Congrats on a great start…and if you are anything like me you already know that it will most likely slow down in the coming weeks…so don’t get discouraged and know that we will support you there too :)

  2. wow, congratulations on such a great start! I’ve been doing a number of healthy resolution things this year and so far I’ve learned that I have to work out in a warm environment, I will not do it if it’s going to be freezing…and two-drink lots of lemon water, it’s super good for your digestive track! I’ve been pleased with how it’s been going so far so I’m looking forward to adding the next steps!

  3. Whoo hoo! That’s so awesome. Keep it up!

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