Week 2 Update!

I need to apologize to all of you. NaBloPoMo will definitely not be happening this month, unfortunately. After adopting our puppy, which I’m working on a post about currently, I’m finding that my time needs to be devoted to her and my husband at home.

I did promise weekly updates on my healthy lifestyle, though, so here goes!

Before: 272
Week 1: 264.9
Week 2: 260.6

Weekly Weight Difference: -4.3 lbs.
Total Weight difference: -11.4 lbs.
Percentage: 4.2% lost

My exercise has been playing with the puppy and puppy proofing the house, room by room. We’ve been cooking almost every night now, so calorie intake is way more under control! I’m thrilled with these results so far, and I know I should take measurements, but I need to find my tape measure first!

How has this past week been for you?


  1. That’s wonderful! Congrats!

  2. Congrats! I only lost 1.4 this week for a total of 7.2 in two weeks but I’m happy with it. Eating at home has helped so much for us too! It’s incredible how much less food I eat when I cook it myself.

  3. Woot! You’re doing so awesome!

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