Don’t Mess with New Orleans, folks!

Garrett Hartley is the most favorite guy in all of New Orleans right now. Why? Well, he kicked the winning field goal in overtime against the Vikings for the NFC Championship game.

Yep, that’s right folks. Hell froze over and if you look up, watch out for pig poop, because the sky is full of swine flying around…the Saints are going to the Superbowl.

Good for them. Really, I’m happy for them, but before I progress, I must express that I’m rooting for good ol’ Peyton on Superbowl Sunday. Sorry Mom, Dad, Bro, Sisters…I know I’m still disowned.

Anyway, I’d like to just inform you about the people of New Orleans. They are pretty strong-minded and full of tradition. You mess with tradition…you mess with them. So, for as long as I can remember, the cheer for the New Orleans Saints has been:

Who Dat?
Who Dat?
Who Dat say they gonna beat ‘dem Saints?

Shirts, bumper stickers and flags are adorned with “Who Dat?” and have been for years. However, when the Saints became NFC champs, the NFL decided that they would TRY to capitalize on this and give cease and desist orders to all small business owners printing “Who Dat?” on shirts, etc. The NFL claimed it was in the Saints trademark, and you can’t use it without official NFL permission or whatever.

Let’s just say New Orleans, heck, LOUISIANA was PISSED!

Heck, our own Senator urged NFL to sue him. Pretty darn sweet. Small businesses definitely didn’t keep her mouth shut about the issue either.

Despite not being a Saints fan, this issue really made me angry and really made me proud of my hometown for standing up to the big bossy N-F-L. Guess what? Turns out NFL has NO rights to “Who Dat?” and because of that, there are “Who Dat?” shirts being printed ALL over the area once again. Yay N’awlins!

Like I said, don’t mess with New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, the NFL was just a small rain cloud in the Who Dat? parade that’s going on non-stop in the city right now.


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