Mardi Gras!

My grandma used to be quite the wreath maker, so when I visited her house, she gave me a wreath that she had already covered in garland but didn’t want to finish, since she has 4 Mardi Gras wreaths already.

All I did was made a cute bow, using the BowDaBra (miracle worker, seriously) and a couple of Mardi Gras things that I found at Hobby Lobby! :) I really dig it…just don’t mind the door. We’re lazy bums who STILL haven’t painted our door yet. :)

I can’t believe Mardi Gras weekend is next weekend! Whoa!!


  1. That’s such a cute touch for your door! I really would like to get into the habit of having specific decorations for the different seasons/holidays. It’s just so cute!

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