Project 10 Pan

Most ladies can relate to me when I mention that I own too much make-up. I don’t have a HUGE collection, but I do have a lot of products that I bought a year or so ago that just need to be used up. Also, hubs thought it would be nice to buy me some new make-up last Christmas and got me a super huge palette similar to this.

So, needless to say, I’m not running out of make-up anytime soon!

Enter Project 10 Pan. Project 10 Pan is a personal challenge to use up 10 beauty products that you have before going to the store and buying more beauty products. It’s a great idea, and I’m going to do it. I’m not stepping foot into Sephora or Ulta until this is done!

I think this also forces me to be creative with the colors that I have, so if I have a certain look I want to achieve, I have to do it with products I already have, and more importantly, my 10 products that I need to use up! :)

I will admit, some of this make-up is older than it should be, but I paid pretty good money for it and I’m totally using it up! Here are my 10 products…you can tell I have a pretty bad lipgloss/eyeshadow habit.

So, the only time I’m buying make-up from now until this challenge is done are essentials like foundation (which I own only 1 bottle of), powder and concealer.

Are you a product junkie like me? Do you think you are going to try this challenge?


  1. i need to do this! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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