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As a Catholic, I’ve always become familiar with Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season. I’m not very extreme in my religion, but I do give up meat on Fridays (and Ash Wednesday), attend church and give up something that I am shamelessly addicted to for 40 days.

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This year, I’m giving up soda. Simple sounding but seriously, that stuff gets me through my workday!

In addition to giving up one thing, I’m also LIMITING my fun money spending to $30/week. This includes coffee shop purchases, craft shop purchases, clothing, hair, etc.

I usually allot myself $50/week to spend however the heck I want, but that extra $20/week will go to the church instead. I’m sure they’ll spend it much better than I would have. 

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I also hope my  Crafting it Forward project brings a few smiles during the Lenten season to my readers. Today is the last day to enter for that!

What are you doing during the Lenten season?


  1. These sound like great goals. I’m sure your church will appreciate the extra money too :)

    I’d be interested in hearing more about your spending limit. What types of purchases do you include/exclude from that list? I have a serious issue with spending money so I tend to feel guilty for buying “necessary” things like makeup. As in, “I just used the last of my concelar and I do not have any more of any brand laying around so I must buy more but still feel guilty about it…” I won’t die without concelear but I don’t exactly consider it a luxury…

    • Hey Krista!

      My fun money goes towards most everything, except for food (unless it’s coffee shop or an ice cream out with a friend that my H doesn’t get to have), bills, toiletries (drugstore only), medicine, etc.

      Gifts are a separate type of fund, and if I have more $$ leftover from the week, it just builds up in my savings account, along with the rest of the cash that I save from paycheck to paycheck.

      Make-up necessities, like foundation, powder and concealer, are counted in the fun money but if I had to go over, I won’t beat myself up for it since I would look horrible/unprofessional without it at work. Now, choosing new eyeshadows, lipglosses, to me, are luxuries and things that I would have to have fun money for.

      Hope that makes some sort of sense?

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