Fondue Night!

After college, my social life went way down. My friends and I all went our separate ways, so we could no longer hang out. I was sad. I’ve fallen out of touch with some gals, but I still have some true blues that I gChat with daily. :)

So, it’s rare for me to have a night out with some gals. After my husband and I got married, I went to my local board on The Nest and started talking with some fabulous girls in Baton Rouge. They would have get-togethers and a lot of them were IRL friends! Around Christmas, someone hosted a nestie party, and I finally chucked up enough courage (mind you, I’m shy) to meet up with these gals. :) Of course, my husband was a little weary since these were Internet friends, but hey, I did meet him on the Internet too! :)

After the party, I felt like I made a few new friends, and couldn’t wait for the next GTG. Well, that was this past Thursday and we met at Melting Pot for cheese/chocolate. Yum! It was fabulous to chat it up with these gals, and enjoy some sinful eats.

Spinach Artichoke Fontina Fondue (before/after)

S’mores Fondue (before/after)…gotta love the flambe! :)

Coincidentally, it was birthday season! We were celebrating birthdays for 3 of the gals so our waiter put candles in our dessert dippers. How cute!

Our waiter was pretty fun. He would chime in on the girl talk, as crazy and random as that was! (Hairy eyeball? Yeah google that phrase…it’s safe for work, but I never heard of it before!)

Hi waiter! He was pretty swift with making sure our glasses were full and our tummies were happy!

I gave one of my buds my camera to play with, and she ended up taking pics of everyone, so I thought I’d include them. Hope no one hates me after this..

Of course, I need to link to the photographer so you can see her ultra cute baby bump!

Oh yeah, and sometime during the dinner, I tweeted Bob Harper of the Biggest Loser to wish one of the gals (here’s her blog) a Happy Birthday.  He still hasn’t responded…c’mon Bob! Sigh..

I had a great time, and it’s awesome to have some local gals to talk to/hang out with! :) I don’t feel super lame socially as much anymore.


  1. i *heart* the Melting Pot! It’s one of my favorite restaurants and I’ve been to locations up and down the east coast. (Is it sad that I immediately recognized their fondue pot from your first picture?)

  2. Had so much fun! Thanks for the link!!

  3. =D

    Had a blast! Can’t wait to do it again and partake in real cocktails!

  4. Haha we should harass him, he needs to wish a girl a happy birthday now and then :) And they have $5 martinis? When is this?! 😉

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