9 months later..

No, there’s no baby secret here. It’s been a little over 9 months since my husband and I got married. Yeah, time really is flying!

So, way back in the engaged days, we met with my photographer who had these GORGEOUS sample albums. I had no idea where she got them from, but my cheap self didn’t want to ask since she designed them (Sorry Amanda for my cheapness…). So, I googled the heck out of flush mount albums and found these.

I was still feeling cheap, so I couldn’t buy these on any old website. No sirree…I checked eBay and found ONE. One 8×10 10 page album (holds 20 photos) for $35. Talk about lucky….I was ecstatic and bought it up!

After the wedding, I knew that I wanted to print out 8×10’s for this album, but heck, I was broke and the price of 8×10’s on Mpix, which was recommended by my photographer, were WAY too high.

Fast forward nine months, I get an AWESOME email from Mpix saying 8×10’s are 50% off!!! So, I did not hesitate to print 20 8×10’s for $30 total. I printed them on metallic paper, because I’ve ordered those before and I think it just makes the colors POP. It’s not super metallic, just slightly shimmery. :) I highly recommend printing pictures on that paper through Mpix. They have great sales pretty often on printing too!

So, just a disclaimer, I’m not good at taking beautiful pictures of albums, so just imagine these 1000 times prettier. They totally are!




I’m so glad to have finally finished this book. Since we don’t have a coffee table, it’s resting soundly on the mantle against the wall behind a wedding figurine we got. I can’t wait to show this beauty off! :)


  1. Oh my goodness you were such a beautiful bride! And your hubby is so handsome! Congrats on putting together your album, it looks great!

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