Beginning of Spring!

This was the most perfect weekend to get some outdoor work done. After months of freezing cold weather, a season with two days of snow (in Louisiana) and dead plants, I just needed to plant some flowers.

So, after the puppy woke me up at 6:30 in the morning, I thought that it was time to work on a project that has been months in the works.


Yeah, ugly right? This was in our front yard…right here.

Yes, this was taken in October. I’d rather a pretty picture with grass to give you an idea of our garden in its prime. This spot used to have a HUGE sago palm that blocked the walkway and would randomly sting me (darn leaves) when I tried to weed around it. Also, they are very poisonous to dogs and we knew we would want a puppy.

**obligatory cute puppy picture of the day**

Puppy bandana

Since that photo of the house was taken in October, yes, it’s been that way for a while. I just couldn’t do anything in the winter, because I hate the cold. So, Saturday, I ventured out to Lowe’s and bought these perfect little pansies and some rocks. :)

Lowes trip
Two hours of rock removal, sago palm seed clean-up (for the dog), filling in the hole from the palm, and weed blocking, it was time to make this garden pretty.
After garden

We bought this fountain almost a year and a half ago. It’s been sitting on our porch, and I was so glad to finally put it SOMEWHERE! It looks spectacular, and would you believe we paid under $15 for it? I’m sure you are asking how...stalk your local Target’s garden center when the Fall hits. After gardening season is over, they clear everything out: Furniture, BBQ pits, Fountains, etc. And I mean, clear out! Ours was 75% OFF! :)

We put the pansies in pots as well, and placed them in the rocks. The great thing about this garden is (hopefully) there will be little to no weeds! :) The landscape rocks surrounding the garden were from the old homeowners. So, essentially this garden was less than $50. :)

Another great addition to our yard? My birthday is coming up, and my husband knows I LOVE Louisiana citrus. He bought me this Meyer Lemon tree as a surprise for our backyard…isn’t he fantastic? I can’t wait to see some fruit! :)

Did any of y’all get great Spring weather to garden this weekend? :)


  1. LOL. I’m jealous of your planting. They advise us not to plant ’till late may, due to frost. Your house is so cute!! (And so is your pup!) We still have 2+ feet of snow all over on the ground, and piles 6+ feet tall on the sides of the road. But it’s melting now! Another month of wet wet wetness and we should be starting to see some ground.

    • Oh my gosh! Glad to hear it’s melting though. :( Just think of this…in May, it’ll be in the sweltering 90s here and pleasant (hopefully) up there! :)

  2. i’m totally planting a lemon or lime tree this year too, i can’t wait!

  3. I can’t wait to do a little landscaping and gardening this spring, but we’re in the same boat as Pink Heli–there is still snow everywhere. Seeing this post gives me hope that spring is near. I love your fountain! Now, I want one of those.


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