Making Progress

Since it’s craft month, I’m determined to make my sewing skills much better! After my giant fail with the tote bag, I decided to move on to do another project. I decided to make the box bag. I was completely confused at first, because I’m a visual person and I needed a video or something to get this right the first time. Since there was no video, there was a lot of seam ripping, random outbursts and in the end, a box bag that has crooked corners. Oh well, don’t judge me.

See for yourself…


Another view…


I think my enemy was my (way too thick) interfacing, and maybe mixed with some impatience and a cute puppy who wanted to play, towards the end.  Next time, I’ll know to not buy it out of a pack at Hobby Lobby. Rather, go to a fabric store and get a feel for different interfacing.

I will say, I’m pretty proud that I sewed in my first zipper! I feel pretty darn cool about that!

Oh, and if you need zippers, don’t buy them at a fabric store. They are like $2 each, when you can buy a bunch on Etsy for way cheaper. I purchased from this seller. :)

Here’s a future project (as in, once I can sew straight lines with much more confidence) spoiler: I cut 30 squares for a beginner’s quilt, found in S.E.W. Everything Workshop. This is the book that is sort of teaching me most of the basics. I recommend it…great patterns and ideas in there!

Anyway, I bought the fabrics at Hobby Lobby…aren’t they cute? :)


How is National Craft month going for you?


  1. I have 3 of those same fabrics I am incorporating into a quilt for my daughter. I maybe bias but I love them! HAPPY CRAFTING MONTH

  2. This is intersting, I don’t know much about gardening, so have not heard of this. I really would like to start a garden, but have no knowledge to do so. Maybe I’ll learn something from you!

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