A glimpse of Spring..

I surely hope you didn’t forget about me. I’ve been working on a new set of sparkly brand new blogs to try to make things uniform. So, here we go. This blog is now The Nifty Foodie’s Life, based on my new food blog, called The Nifty Foodie.

I have to give mad props to His Birdie’s Nest, because a while back, I wanted to change my Twitter name from a screenname I used in college to something more, well, me. She came up with The Nifty Foodie, and ever since, I’ve LOVED this name.

So, here’s the new blog. Feel free to comment on the new look and layout. Just try not to be too harsh, k? :)

So, let’s bring some Spring into this blog, and well, nothing shouts Spring more than gardens. The hubs and I completely redid our gardens, and I’m a lot more optimistic about the year to come with our vegetable crop, because of an interesting theory: companion planting.

Companion plants are plants that either repel pests from the garden or solely attract ALL pests to those respective plants, thus, leaving your precious vegetables ALONE in a natural way.

After reading this article and speaking with my mom (a horticulturist), I planted marigolds and salvias around the tomatoes.

Check out our vegetable garden, which is in our backyard. I planted heirloom tomatoes, super fantastic (yep, that’s the name) tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapenos. I also planted some herbs along the front of the garden with thecompanion plants dispersed around.


Because of last year’s experience with spider mites and goodness knows what else killed my tomatoes, I decided to up the companion planting ammo with these companion plants, and grew seedlings of MORE marigolds, sunflowers, and cosmos.

You might also notice the salad greens to the far left. :) That’s just because I love me some lettuce, and I’m too cheap to spend $2/plant.


These bad boys will be going in the ground in the next few days, and I can’t be more excited to watch these little seedlings grow into lean mean companion plant MACHINES!!

Are you as psyched about your veggie garden as I am? C’mon Spring!


  1. The blog looks great! And so does your garden! I wish I had a yard to plant a garden in…jealous!

  2. I think both new sites look awesome! I love the layout, and simplicity. You (and hubs) did a great job! :) Good luck with your tomatoes this year!

  3. This is awesome! You did a great job.

    I didn’t start any marigolds yet but I should. I stuck zinnias and cosmos intermittantly in between my veggies. It adds color as a companion plant too.

    Last year was a bad year for tomatoes all across the US I think. We had way too much rain here and it was chilly throughout the summer. All my plants had early blight.


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