Dog Bandana

So, the sewing machine and I have maintained a pretty healthy and slow relationship. I try to keep my projects simple, because I really hate putting so much time into a project, only to have a flop.

When I took Millie to the groomers for the first time, I asked for them to put a bandana on her. That bandana was ::gulp:: $7. Seriously…

So I thought, heck, I could TOTALLY sew something like this. The bandana had a slot at the top for the collar to slide in, which is pretty genius.

To not be totally copycat-ish, I added my own twist and made it reversible. Two looks in one! :) And…the cost? Not $7….Free with scrap fabrics!


And here’s Millie showing it off.

Side 1 bandanna

Side 2 bandanna

Way cute…and I think I will be making many more bandanas in my future!

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