Dressing up the dSLR

I’ve been wanting a dSLR camera for quite some time now. The only thing holding me back was partially price, trying to get my car paid off  ASAP (which will be done next month YAY!) and fear of regretting a splurge. I have trouble making splurges, because I feel like I don’t really NEED them and the money could be better spent. I wrote about my issue with clothing purchases before, so you can understand where I’m coming from here.

Cheap alert: I’m wearing a 3 year old blouse today and work pants with a partially broken zipper. I’m contemplating ripping the zipper out and just replacing the zipper for 2 bucks haha!

Anyway, come to find out, Target had my beloved Canon XSi on clearance for $454. I’ve been budgeting and saving for a $600 camera, so this was a welcome surprise. I bought it.

With my newly developing sewing skills, I decided to make a strap cover for it. I followed this tutorial, minus all that quilting. The more cutting required, the more I mess up it seems.

Of course, it didn’t turn out perfect, since it’s slightly a little too short. However, it’s comfy and that’s all I care about! Plus, using scrap fabric and thread I own, it was nearly free! I did purchase $3 worth of fusible fleece at Hobby Lobby, but that was 1/2 yard….barely used much of that at all!

Pardon the iPhone pic and my stinky mobile Photoshop skills.

Canon XSi with new strap cover

Now, to work on finishing those Craft It Forward projects that I promised the 5 winners a month ago…sorry gals!


  1. Looks great!

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