Nifty Trick: Ice Cream

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve softened ice cream, only to need to refreeze it. Sadly, you know what happens. The edges of the ice cream become a hardened, freezer burnt nasty mess.

After watching an Alton Brown show about making ice cream, I noticed that he used saran wrap to cover the top of the ice cream to seal away air from getting to the ice cream. It works WONDERS..

Nifty Trick: Ice Cream

You can also use this on store-bought ice cream. I love this nifty trick!


  1. I have learned more than I thought there was possible to know about food from that man.

    I’m also shocked at how often I’ve used my ice cream maker attachment — I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite wedding gift!

  2. Oh – and thanks for the tip :)

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