Spring Surprises

Remember our veggie garden? I can’t believe this was less than a month ago.


Ahh how wonderful Mother Nature has been to us this year. So far, no need for pesticides. Is it possible that the companion planting is working?

Veggie Garden 5/3/10

Those tomatoes surely shot up, no? Upon closer inspection, I found a few little surprises in the garden.

Baby Super Fantastic Tomato
Super Fantastic Tomato

Baby Heirloom Tomato
Heirloom Tomato

I’m SO excited about tomatoes! Last year, my crop suffered severe blossom end rot, and so I’m watering daily, as well as adding diluted milk to the soil near the plants to hopefully help!

Also, I noticed this little gem in my chives. These are edible (according to horticulturist Mom) but I’m not sure if I’m that brave, yet. Plus, I just think these are gorgeous on the plant, not in my mouth. :)

Chives Flower

Ahh, I love how this picture turned out! I’m completely on manual mode on the dSLR right now, and I’m just so excited when pictures come out great (in my humble not at all professional opinion). :)

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