Our First Anniversary: Part 2 – The Dinner

The evening of our anniversary, we decided to use up a gift card we had for this Italian place that gets raving reviews from the locals: Little Village.

Since our anniversary was Sunday, the restaurant really wasn’t that crowded at all. Gotta appreciate that. :)

The restaurant

We enjoyed some of their cheese bread with an olive tapenade-type dip. I had the chicken marsala and the hubs had shrimp fettucine alfredo. All of it was FANTASTIC!

Afterwards, we went home and rested for a while. Our bellies were full, but we had a cake to eat. It was time to unveil what a year in the freezer does to the cake.

Anniversary Cake (wrapped up)

After 6 layers of saran wrap and two layers of foil, the cake was unwrapped. Not too shabby looking, in my opinion. And no, the green on top isn’t mold. Rather, it was some icing decoration that was holding the flower topper on the cake. :)

Anniversary Cake

The only issue with the cake was that it easily separated from the frosting. No big deal. The cake, otherwise, was just  as flavorful and moist as the wedding day. :)

Anniversary Cake Cut

We had our cake with some champagne that the reception venue gave us as we were leaving last year. I admit, we had to watch a YouTube video on how to open champagne…classy, right?

As for the anniversary gift that I gave the hubs, I received some comments/tweets requesting some of the little favors that I wrote on paper. There were 26 of them, written twice. These are the ones I can recall. I’m too lazy to open the jar and read them.

  • do all of the extra laundry in the house, like linens, towels, etc. (he prefers to wash his own clothes)
  • bake favorite dessert
  • cook favorite meal
  • bowling night
  • mini golf night
  • date night (he chooses whatever)
  • going out to eat at favorite restaurant
  • house to himself all day (includes taking the puppy with me)
  • wash his car
  • mow the lawn
  • take out the trash all week
  • no nagging pass (use it when I’m arguing something and he just wants me to shut it)
  • dishes for the whole week
  • play video game of choice
  • watch movie of choice
  • remote control for the day
  • no blog reading/writing for a week (blogging is time consuming, so this gives us more “us” time)
  • free favor (you name it)

I have to say, our first anniversary was awesome. :) What did you/are you doing for yours this year?


  1. Thanks for sharing those! Sounds like a great first anniversary! I’m not sure what ours will entail in a couple months. We did cupcakes so don’t have a frozen cake layer, so I may go to a fancy place & have us a small cake made up just for us!

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