Taggie Blanket

I was having dinner with my husband and his coworkers, when they mentioned a baby shower that was happening at the office. My husband admitted that he didn’t have a gift, and I thought that I could totally make a taggie blanket that is so popular in the sewing blog world.

Baby Taggie Blanket

I raided my local Michaels for fun ribbons a while ago, and also happened to have some soft minky fabric in my stash. For the stripey fabric, I purchased some receiving blankets from Babies R Us. I figured since we’re at the age where our friends are constantly having kids, making taggies with this fabric could be worth it. :)

I really like how this came out, and while I didn’t have the straightest lines sewing these fabrics together, I did learn that these fabrics with a stretch do take a little more effort to sew. Good lesson for when I finally make a T-shirt quilt. :)

Baby Taggie Blanket


  1. I’ve never seen one of these before, but its awesome! Very cute idea.

  2. My son loves these. I swear, I’ve made at least 20. :)

  3. Hi,

    That is an awesome idea for a baby blanket! Would you happen to have a few tips on how to make it work and keep the ribbons in. Or do you have step by step directions?


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