Since I started sewing, I’ve started making a list of places where I like to shop for fabrics. I don’t prefer to order fabrics online, because I’d rather feel/see fabrics and heck, I’d much rather support local businesses! Usually owners of small businesses are very helpful, whereas online, it can be very overwhelming.

One of the businesses had a 50% off sale for gift cards to redeem at a later date. I went a little wild, and excitedly waited for the next weekend when I could redeem the cards.

I actually took a while, because there was just so many drool-worthy bolts of fabric. I wanted to take pictures in the store for y’all, but I got shy. I’m fairly shy in person, and I was afraid of what the customers would think with someone half their age shooting pictures. (Yes, most of the customers in the store were over twice my age.)

Because of that, they had an EXCELLENT Amy Butler selection still available. I got a little giddy…my first Amy Butler fabrics!

Amy Butler Fun

Since I finished my first quilt (pictures coming soon), I already started planned out my next one. This will be a baby quilt for hubs’ cousin (she’s expecting a girl). I found the cutest pattern online using charm packs, so I’m very excited to get into this with most of the fabrics pre-cut.

Baby Quilt Fabric

I had a little bit of credit leftover and this charm pack caught my eye. It’s July, I know, but a lot of fabric shops are already thinking Christmas since projects can take a while. I think I know what I’m making with this, but for now, I’m going to keep it a tiny secret from y’all.

Christmas Fabric

I bought a few small accessories too, but those are boring. I just wanted to share the fabric pretties with y’all. I can’t wait to create with all of this!


  1. I am swooning over those Amy Butler fabrics! I can’t wait to read about what you make. You are so creative!!

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