Done and done!

My first quilt has been quite a great experience. I learned a lot about sewing straight lines and really feel proud that it all started with this. I now have a fun blanket that will keep me warm, and I’ll cherish it even more since it all started from a few yards of Hobby Lobby fabric. Amazing, no?

This quilt is a tied quilt with some funky green yarn that I had in my knitting stash. Yeah, I have a stash of yarn too…eep!

Yarn Close-Up

I found this to be an excellent quilt for a beginner and it gave me much confidence to try this again! I can’t recommend this book enough to people. I’ve learned the most from this book, as well as sewing blogs. :)

Without further ado, here is the quilt. Isn’t it just so much fun? It’s now hanging over a loveseat in our living room until I can figure out a permanent place for it. :)

Finished Quilt

Oh, and another thing? I finally hung up our fleur de lis from the painting class we took last week. Hubs is embarrassed of his painting, but hey, I think they look great in our room!


By the way, feel free to leave lots of comments with painting love for the hubs. He thinks his painting is terrible…he needs a boost. :)


  1. I love the quilt! So cute! And the paintings are very good too. Tell the hubs it’s much better than what I could do, so he should be proud!

  2. you’ve inspired me! I think my next project will be a quilt!

  3. Love the quilt! It turned out great!

    I actually really like the paintings. You can tell they are “homemade” but it adds so much more character then if you bought something perfect in the store!

  4. Love the quilt Amy! Your fabric choices are wonderful.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! :)

    I’m starting my first quilt and am trying to figure out how to stick it together. I don’t have a quilting machine, just a plain jane basic Singer. What made you decide to hand tie it instead of quilting it? Does it seem like it will hold up? I had thought I’d do that with mine but I’m kind of scared to mess it up. Also what batting did you use? Thanks so much! I hope mine comes out as lovely as yours did!!

    And your fleurs rock! If the red was green I’d steal them in a heartbeat! :)

    • I have a Singer too. :) The hand tie idea came from the book, S.E.W, as linked in the post. The yarn is tied well in there, but I’m fairly sure when I wash it, it will be on a more delicate cycle than normal, as well as a low temperature dry cycle. I’m just on the careful side here. :)

  6. Love your quilt, especially the colors! My mom is a quitler and I admire anyone who has the time and patience for such a hobby!

  7. LOVE the color palette.

  8. Thanks for your response! I’m excited to see what else you come up with next :)


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