Encouragement please?

When I called in sick to work one day, I was basically bound to the bed watching daytime talk shows. I happened to come across the Bonnie Hunt show, and 5 minutes into the show, I got inspired by a color palette on there (pictured below).

A few days later, I got an email from Paper Source. New colors…at first all I could sulk about was the fact that Paper Source came out with a teal AFTER the wedding (our colors were teal/brown) and how helpful it would have been had this color been around, say, 2 years ago in the planning days. (oh my gosh, planning was two years ago?)

A week later, I found myself stalking the site and noticed that the Bonnie Hunt show inspiration was VERY close to Paper Source’s new colors. My brain started cranking.

Wouldn’t it be pretty to somehow bring that palette into a quilt…no…better yet, a blanket with soft plushy YARN? Knitting, I know how to knit….I can search for a blanket. Well, that search came up empty handed, and as I was ready to click out of my go-to site for patterns, I stumbled across this. Crochet…oh cruds…I can’t crochet! Or can I?

In my inspired moment, I made a little inspiration board. Not sure if I like grey or beige with the colors, but I’d do the three colors (in either pale or brights) with beige or grey and a white. Yeah, a little obsessive with projects, aren’t I?

1. www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/new/new-colors.html
2. www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90699AD.html
3. sophiabush.net/gallery/albums/tvappearances/2009/oct13_bo…

Anyway, I’ve tried crocheting before, but was discouraged by the teacher who could only show me right-handed techniques. (yep, I’m a lefty..did I mention that?) However, I REALLY like that blanket and I REALLY like those colors. I want to make it a reality. Am I crazy? Wouldn’t this be so fun to cuddle up in this winter?

So, I need some encouragement. If I can knit, I can crochet, right? Please tell me I can. Please?


  1. You know what I find funny is that people that learn to knit are usually intimidated by learning to crochet, and people who learned to crochet first find knitting difficult! I taught myself crochet a few years ago, just by checking out books from the library & watching youtube videos for a more hands-on demonstration. I picked it up in nothing flat. Knitting, however, I cannot for the life of me pick up on! I will tell you though that as a first crochet project, that afghan may be more challenging, just because it works in rounds, rather than rows (they aren’t hard, just different to work with than rows). If you learn how to chain, slip stitch, and double crochet, you can totally do that afghan! Those techniques aren’t difficult for a beginner once you get used to how to hold the yarn & the hook. I think you can definately do it!!!

  2. I’m with Teale, I can’t knit, but I can crochet! And I’ve found videos on YouTube EXTREMELY helpful when trying to learn new stitches. I’m sure there is someone out there who crochets left-handed who has made videos. And Teale’s right–once you get a couple of basic stitches down, you’re good to go! You can totally do this!

  3. i think crocheting is so much easier than knitting! Their are few stitches, they are more basic, and it’s a lot easier to maintain symmetry and consistency.

    I’m a righty, but check out these video tutorials:

    you can do it!

  4. If you can knit you can totally crochet!! I’m completely hopeless when it comes to knitting and I crochet like mad during the winter. There are a ton of videos out there to show you how to do everything from granny squares to blankets and more. Good luck!

  5. You must get the book “The Happy Hooker”! I decided I needed a hobby and wanted to take up crocheting because it sounded more instant gratification than knitting (my free time is few and far between!) and it is an awesome book with a lot of fun patterns in it. That and it cracks me up whenever I read the title (and my little brother bought it for me!).

  6. I’m making the same afghan! How crazy is that? I clicked over to you from another blog, and I love it. I’m definitely a knitter, and I’m learning to crochet on that afghan – if I can do it, you can too!

    plus I love your post on your blogging history. I”m so similar, except I started the year I got married, and it took about a year before I bought a DSLR and took it seriously. I will definitely be back to your blog!

  7. Amy, I love that blanket!! I think you should give it a go – if it starts working, great! But if not, don’t be too hard on yourself :) But if I know you like I think I do, that afghan will turn out beautifully!

    • Thanks! I’m definitely going to hit this project up once it cools down a bit. It feels wrong to do yarn crafts in the summer haha!

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