A new addition

This weekend, my dog got jealous. Mad jealous. Something was taking up her precious play space, and well, she wasn’t going to have that happen! So, she stared it down, I guess hoping that her eyes would turn into lasers or something and burn this new intrusion into dust.

Millie Aug 15 2010

I bought a table this weekend on Craigslist. Not just any table, but a sewing table. I do already own this table, but it doesn’t look much like furniture, and I thought that a new table in the guest/craft room would look much more welcoming than my current table.

Table Before

As you can see, it’s a little rough looking, and it’s totally sitting on Millie’s play rug as we work on it. She’s an angry pup.

Before: Sewing Table Top

Hubs went to a local hardware store and bought an orbital sander. Look at the gorgeous wood that was hiding underneath!

What's Underneath

Now, the dilemma. Originally, I was inspired by Heather Bailey’s studio furniture and thought I could paint this a gorgeous turquoise color and distress it slightly to give it an antiqued look. However, the hubs mentioned that her furniture that had a lot of detail that made the paint job look awesome. Also, now seeing this wood underneath, I want to stain it (a la Young House Love).

Now, the problem is, the table-top folds out revealing a drawer for the sewing machine to sit in, but that drawer is veneer, not solid wood. We’re sure it’s plastic veneer, so you can’t sand that down to reveal bare wood, meaning it can’t be stained, but possibly painted. I’m thinking of staining the wood that you can see, and when you fold out the table, it reveals a fun painted color (where the veneer is)? What do you think I should do? I really need help/advice on this.


  1. Well, Since you have already sanded it (it looks like)… you can either re-stain it or paint it. Or you could get wild and splash a fun color on it like turqouise, yellow or a color that goes with your current scheme. I always love a funky color on an accent table or craft desk!

    Hope this helps!


  2. Did the drawers and sides sand down just as well? I think painting the inside a fun color is a GREAT solution! It’s like a surprise every time you open it. I’d have trouble painting that gorgeous wood.

    • The drawers and sides aren’t done yet, but they are solid wood. :)

      That’s what I was thinking…first you see sophisticated table in the guest room, and then open and there’s a fun color! Glad to hear I’m not weird for thinking this. :)

  3. So funny, before even reading your text we both thought “stain it where there’s good wood and then paint it (either white or another fun color) where you can’t.” So sounds like we’re all on the same wavelength.

    Great peice, btw. Awesome find!

    -John (& Sherry)

    • I’m so glad we’re all thinking the same way here with this piece! I’m much more confident about this re-do now. Thanks!

  4. I love your original idea of painting it turquoise, but I am on this ridic. turquoise kick right now, so it isn’t too surprising 😉 However, that wood is gorgeous, so staining it a medium/dark with a bright interior would be awesome!

  5. The wood is so beautiful that I think staining it is an excellent idea! I love the idea of painting the inside a fun and funky color – best of both worlds!

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