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I think I’m going to make this a usual thing. I have so much on my mind, and I think this is a great outlet for it.

  • News stations: 5 years after Katrina, and you still have it ALL wrong. People didn’t stay in New Orleans by choice, (for the most part). Rather, our unorganized local/state/federal governments had no means to evacuate the tens of thousands of people who needed to get out of town. Again, this was NOT by choice…and for those of you saying you’d get out if you had to (HUGE eyeroll to you), well, imagine how that would go if you didn’t own a car. Good luck with that. Oh, and even if you did have a car, in evacuation scenarios, it takes 8 hours to get somewhere that usually takes 1 hour, even with contraflow (which is where they make the interstate system one way…out of the city). ::side eye to the media and their inaccuracies::  Shame on y’all.


  • I’m craving fajitas right now, dipped in queso blanco with a frosty large strawberry margarita.


  • We’re remodeling our bathroom counters. They were a f-ugly 1980’s pink formica. This project is way harder than TLC and HGTV makes it seem like. We are DIY tiling…my poor hubs is really working hard on this, and I feel helpless since I’m scared of power tools with blades. There will be a post about this, but I’d rather it be a before/happy after post.


  • Two days after posting, our first group of the Christmas Quilt Block Swap was full. We decided to keep sign-ups open until September 15th anyway in case a group 2 fills up. We have 3 people interested. If you are interested, please let me know…we still have 9 spots and would hate to turn away anyone from the swap!


  • My library is my favorite resource for books. I don’t buy cookbooks or how-to books anymore, since my library has an awesome selection for free, and also, those books don’t end up taking up permanent space in my home. Free/non-cluttering. Win!


  • Coasters seem to disappear in our house. Either the dog is stashing them in a hiding spot or they have grown legs and walked away. I’m totally making these for our house. I’m tired of paying oodles of $$ for them, and I think these would be adorable! 4×4 tiles at the store are 25 cents. I won’t be super bummed if they grow legs and walk away now. :)


  • I still can’t believe it’s less than 4 months until Christmas.

What’s on your mind? :)


  1. Today, I was given my very first blog-award, and I passed it to you!! If you have time, please check out my blog and see your award!

  2. Love love love that coaster idea! Possible BM gifts? LOL!

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