Junk Food Detox

As you might know, I’m currently trying to lose weight. There are numerous reasons for this, which I really don’t feel like writing about today. I also won’t tell you my current weight. I’m ashamed.

All I know is, I need to change. Doing the whole “diet” thing proved to be too difficult for me. So, I went back to my old Weight Watchers journal and reflected on the foods that do the most damage for me, calories wise.

My plan was to slowly eliminate the junk, one week at a time, one food at a time. I’m in my third week. It’s working amazingly.

First week, I went a little easy on myself and said “bye bye” to snowballs. That Monday, all I wanted was a wedding cake snowball. The great thing is, I didn’t give in. Not once. Today, a snowball would be nice, but I’m not CRAVING it. Bye snowballs!

Second week was hard. SO SO hard. Ice Cream. OMG…I LOVE ICE CREAM. However, I don’t love just 1/2 cup of it. I have no portion control when it comes to ice cream, and it’s always eaten so quickly. Just not worth it. It’s gone. No ice cream in the house, no ice cream on the way home. Gone. I don’t really think much about ice cream anymore, but, as a disclaimer, for those of you who read my food blog, there will be a recipe featuring ice cream going up next week. Of course, I have to try one. Just one.

I promise.

This week, I took it a step further. With pumpkin spice kisses out in stores,  as well as ALL of the Halloween candy, I had to eliminate it. Oh gosh, candy. I crave chocolate so bad. Tuesday, the hub’s coworker gave us a pack of Starburst. You know, the little 2 pack. I busted that thing open, realized I had a cherry and a lemon. I would save the lemon for last, because it’s my favorite. Put the cherry in my mouth, chewed and then realized, DARNIT…I ate candy. I slipped once and with my tummy saying “NOOO! EAT THE LEMON!”, I handed the lemon starburst to the hubs. There have been no more slip-ups since then, and I still feel bad about that stupid cherry starburst!

Next week will be fried food, including french fries. I’m not sure what will be after that, but, I do know that I won’t mess this detox up. I NEED to do this! :)

Further motivation?

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My local YMCA/gym is holding a weight loss contest. 10 weeks from October 7 through December 17, 2010.  This contest is all up in my holiday feast time, however, this is great. I’m embracing those dates. If I can lose weight during the most indulgent part of the year, I can do this for GOOD!

Once this competition starts, my junk food detox will definitely help me stray away from the temptations, and I’ll most probably be back on  Weight Watchers for this. I did this before my wedding. I can do this now!  

Check out these prizes! My competitive side is already ready to kick some booty for this!

  • 1st Place – Prizes valued at $2000 including a 1-year free membership to the YMCA
  • 2nd Place – Prizes valued at $1000 including a 6-month free membership to the YMCA
  • 3rd Place – Prizes valued at $500 including a 3-month free membership to the YMCA

Oh, and also, hubs and I have a little “fun money” wager. Whoever loses the most by November WINS $150 from the other’s “fun money” account.

Let’s go junk food detox!! :)


  1. I’m with you on the no self control thing. We don’t keep cookies, ice cream, crackers, or chips (oh I love chips) in the house. They are gone with a snap of the finger!

    The YMCA challange looks like a great motivation. That is some serious money! Think about all the ice cream…. er carrots you could buy with that :)

  2. Awww Amy! I can completely relate! I have had weight issues my entire life and am currently doing really well with WW. Good luck with your detox, you can totally do it!!

  3. Good Luck!!!!

  4. Ohhh the self control! I seriously think that is the biggest thing when it comes to eating healthy/dieting/what have you. My problem is having little things to munch on around the house…crackers, candy, etc. If its there, I eat it without much thought. But then 2 crackers turns into 10…and we have an issue. So, I just stopped buying those things, and now that they aren’t in our house, it isn’t a temptation.

    However, I could never get rid of ice cream. I don’t know how you can do it my dear! We buy the Skinny Cow or the Slim-a-Bear ice cream sandwiches: they only have 100-140 calories depending on which brand you buy, and they totally satisfy my ice cream/sweet craving at the end of the night. And since they are prepackaged, I don’t get the urge to eat more than one serving.

  5. I think it is great that you are cutting out the junk food – that is what we all need to do! Because you are such are great cook, you make wonderful meals from scratch using whole foods – nothing processed! Even if you allow yourself to indulge in these certain items, at least you know that you can pronounce all of the ingredients and where it came from. I think that is Step 1 of changing the way one eats. (can you tell I’m reading “In Defense of Food” right now?? I think you’d like/appreciate it – definitely give it a shot!).

    & congrats!!

  6. I’m trying to do the same thing. It’s hard at work when there are so many sweets and random junk in our shared kitchen. I will do good and then I slip. I know I would have lost ten pounds already if I wouldn’t slip here and there.

    Those prizes would be nice!

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